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Por Giulieny Matos, de Brasília
*Texto em modo preparado para o guia turístico. Utilização oral autorizada.
* Autorizo divulgação escrita desde que  citada a fonte.

1. Let´s begin our visiting by this dark entrance. It´s dark and something long. It represents life whitout God, life in the darkeness. Passing away from it you find the ligth. Jesus is the ligth and the salvation.

 2. The main thing in the church is the altar where is celebrated the mistery of blood and meet. Look at the altar : it is made of one peace of marbol because Jesus is the “angular stone that the archtectures rejected”, and in the time of the fundation of the church Jesus said to Saint Peter: “You are stone, and  above this stone I`ll build my church, and the infernal doors won`t come up by her”. Matheus 16,18

3.      Now take a look at the walls. What do you see behind the altar? Can you see an egg? It represents new members being generatted by the church, making new sons of  God. The church has the mission of making new cristians to the world. The church is the God’ womb that form and bring to real life. Do you see the lamb? It is Jesus, the provided  lamb by God to save us from our sin.
4.      The  cripta. It represents the tombs of the primitive church, where some of the new cristians used to go to pray because they were persecuted by the empire. Here we have a true copy of the Sactus Sudaro from Rome, by the occasion of Jesus`ressurrection.

5.      Outside we see four bells. They  mean the Gospel spread all over the four corners of the world.

6.      By this side we have 3 apostles in a different position of this one. Well, these three represents Lucke, Matheus and Mark because they narrate the same facts of the Gospel in different words. The apostle Saint John is appart from the othes because he felt love deeply inside in his heart and his writtings are more teological than the others.

7.      This cathedral was created by the archtecture Oscar Niemayer in the beggining of Brasília. Differently from what is heard, the cathedral was thougth to be a catholic temple, by excellence done to be a catequesis just by looking to it. The presidente J.K. was catholic and he gave this land as a gift to the new capital where were being born the new Archdiocese of Brasilia. The most interesting point is that the Niemayer`s client was Dom Newton, the first bishop of Brasília, now burried here in the cript. Dom Newton was clever and his ideas joint to Niemayer drawn up this lines, built based on the documents of the Vaticano II.
8.      The drawn of the cathedral are two hands joint together in a postion of praing to God turned to heaven thanking an glorifying God by his love of by have given us his only son Jesus Crhist and by had turned us into his sons. It also refers to the part of the Gospel that talks about the wheat and the darnel. If you look closer you will see a wheat’sheaf tied by the agriculturist meaning those that God separeted to him.

9.      Here we finish our tur and the cathedral is happy with your visiting. Be our guests to enjoy and pray in our church.

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